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Burst Coin

An Arbitrary Scalable, Energy Efficient and Anonymous Transaction Network Based on Colored Tangles


  • PoC
  • DAG/Dymaxion Tangle/Lightning-Network
  • Ring-Signature – zk-SNARK
  • Smart Contracts

Proof Of Capacity

Instead of using PoW, PoS etc. Burst Coin uses PoC. The user needs sufficient storage to get the appropriate value to verify a transaction.

DAG/Dymaxion Tangle/Lightning-Network

Instead of classical Lightning Network, Burstcoin uses Dymaxion Tangled. Dymaxion Tangle is the custom implementation of IOTA Tangled. IOTA has Coordinator to avoid small network security issues. Burst Coin handles this by giving each node PoC rather than IOTA's easy PoW. Additionally nodes can change using PoW and PoS if they like however default is PoS for the lightning network. Each Tangle Lightning Networks has a TTL. It can be seconds or decades. In the picture different color tangle sets can not interreact with each other (unlike classic Lightning Network).


Burst Coin uses both Ring-Signatures and zk-SNARKS getting the best from Monero and Zcash.

PS: Monera is still more secure. Burst Coin is just more secure than ZCash, ETH etc.

Smart Contracts (via CIYAM)

Rather than writing their own Smart Contract service, Burst Coin uses CIYAM's implementation.


  • Merged all coins good features.
  • Unique marketing phrase is PoC (Proof of Capacity)
  • 2x-3x Better than market coins.
  • Everything looks legit.

There isn't Order of Magnetitude difference regarding technology.