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  1. does game theory work?
  2. How many txps does prediction market needs? How many does Amoveo do?
  3. Current inflation rate per year?
  4. Why does Zack want to create ASIC?


  1. In theory, game theory should work:
  2. Prediction market needs 1tx per person per month. With big blocks and sharding it can scale up to 10B Tx per month. It is not the best solution but a solution that would work:
  3. Inflation rate will be near optimal:
  4. He wants miners to only be able to mine Amoveo. Asked if why


  1. Futarchy system may decide to mine 2-3-5-10 veo per block at some point and buying tokens may not be profitable as much. (highly unlikely from what I’ve researched)
  2. Attacks may break the coin completely. (they couldn’t yet)
  3. Some basic fundamental thing could be wrong so the system doesn’t work.
  4. Someone else (like Aeternity, Augur, etc.) might fork the coin and use their marketing power to take over oracle space leaving Amoveo in dust.
  5. Zack may get bored and stop working on it. (highly unlikely and even so we’ve got a new developer Mr Flintstone)


Tech seems to be strong but the path to market domination is not clear. Zack(founder) has some ideas here: so we need to watch & see how it evolves. I believe it will increase in price as people discover this gem. Could easily get to top 100 and probably top 30 on