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  1. What are the cases that could go wrong with the oracles they have designed?
  2. Do the remaining members of this team have enough skill to develop a useful coin or would it be a gimmick?
  3. Can this team market the coin well so that it becomes the standard oracle blockchain?
  4. I didn’t quite understand the tech and such kan needs to look. (look at Cuckoo Cycle Pow)

If teamCanMarket() && techWork(): invest because they are early else: dontInvest()

Doruk says they have changed another CTO after Zack. So their tech will probably never work.


I think the team is doing an okay job at marketing. They’ve pumped the coin to top 30 and have a unique selling point so the coin could go much higher before people realize its tech doesn’t work (if tech doesn’t work) Overall I don’t want this blockchain/team to become succesful.