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Oasis - CoinList

Content on this page was provided by the Oasis team

A privacy-enabled scalable blockchain network for Decentralized Finance and a Responsible Data Economy

The Oasis ROSE Garden offering ended November 18, 2020

About Oasis

Oasis is a privacy-enabled, scalable blockchain built for decentralized finance and a responsible, user-owned data economy.

With its high scalability and privacy-preserving architecture, the Oasis Network aims to power private, scalable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) — expanding beyond traders and early adopters to a mass market. The Oasis Network’s privacy features can also create a new type of digital asset called Tokenized Data that allows users to take control of their data and earn rewards for staking it. The network uses the novel ParaTime Architecture that separates consensus (Consensus Layer) from computation (ParaTime Layer), which allows it to have greater scalability and support diverse specialized computation needs.

Key Highlights

Private and Scalable DeFi By bringing privacy and scalability to DeFi, the Oasis Network expands DeFi beyond early adopters to a mass market. The Oasis Network enables private smart contracts, high scalability, and the ability to tokenize data. This unlocks new use cases like private lending, undercollateralized loans, and private automated market makers.

Tokenizing and Monetizing Data The Oasis Network’s unique combination of confidential computing and blockchain enables a new paradigm called Tokenized Data. With Tokenized Data users can earn rewards by staking their data with apps that want to analyze it or control how their most sensitive information is consumed by the services they use. This unlocks a new Responsible Data Economy.

The ParaTime Scaling Architecture The Oasis ParaTime scaling architecture supports fast transaction speed, high scalability, and large workloads by separating execution from consensus. The Consensus Layer is scalable, proof-of-stake, and fully decentralized. The ParaTime Layer hosts many parallel runtimes (ParaTimes), each representing replicated compute environments with shared state. Anyone can create flexible ParaTimes including Ethereum / EVM compatible ParaTimes (like OasisEth), confidential compute ParaTimes, permissioned ParaTimes, and more.

The ROSE Garden

The ROSE Garden is Oasis’ novel mechanism to reward the native token to the community in exchange for making the network safer. The ROSE Garden has two components:

ROSE Farm, in which participants receive ROSE in exchange for temporarily adding USDC or USDT to the ROSE Farm pool.

ROSE Cultivate, in which participants receive more ROSE in exchange for staking the farmed ROSE.

All participants can join ROSE Farm, however participants need to join ROSE Farm to access ROSE Cultivate.

ROSE Farm | Details

  • Participant adds up to $2,000 in USDC or USDT to the ROSE Farm pool via CoinList during the Participation Window; 100% of the USDC or USDT is returned after one month
  • Participant’s allocation is proportional to the total contribution of the ROSE Farm pool
  • 10M ROSE tokens are disbursed one month after the end of the Participation Window
  • Deposits made before November 4th 23:59 UTC receive an additional 15% on their pro rata share of the allocation at the end of Participation Window
  • Example
  • Alice adds 2,000 USDC to the Pool
  • When the Participation Window ends, the total contribution is 20,000 USDC
  • Alice receives 10% (2,000/20,000) of 10M ROSE = 1M ROSE tokens in her CoinList Wallet one month after the Participation Window closes
  • If she joined in the first week, Alice receives an additional 15% bonus (1M * 15%) = 150K ROSE

Ended November 18, 2020

ROSE Cultivate | Details

  • Participants who farmed ROSE in ROSE Farm can also participate in ROSE Cultivate by simply opting in during the Participation Window
  • Participant’s allocation is proportional to her total contribution of the ROSE Cultivate pool
  • 20M ROSE tokens are disbursed at the end of a five-month Staking Window, which starts when ROSE Farm ends
  • Additionally, being Oasis stakers, participants also receive Oasis staking rewards

  • Example
  • Alice stakes all the 1.15M ROSE she received from the ROSE Farm pool
  • The total number of staked tokens from participants who opted in in ROSE Cultivate is 9M
  • Alice receives 12.8% (1.15M/9M) of 20M ROSE = 2.56M ROSE in her CoinList Wallet
  • Alice also receives additional staking rewards
  • Alice receives all the ROSE tokens back upon completion of ROSE Cultivate
Ended November 18, 2020
Please Note
All USDC and USDT locked during the ROSE Garden will be automatically returned to the participants one month after the Participation Window closes. Participants can choose to join either ROSE Farm or ROSE Farm + Cultivate during the Participation Window

ROSE Garden Details

Asset Oasis ROSE (ROSE)
Key Dates ROSE Farm
  • Participation Window starts: October 29th, 00:00 UTC
  • Deadline to receive early joiners bonus* (+15%): November 4th, 23:59 UTC
  • Participation Window ends: November 18th, 23:59 UTC
  • ROSE Farming begins: November 19th, 00:00 UTC
  • ROSE Farming ends: December 15, 23:59 UTC
  • USDC and USDT are returned at the end of ROSE Farm

ROSE Cultivate
  • Staking Window starts: December 16th, 00:00 UTC
  • Staking Window ends: May 15 2021, 23:59 UTC

* The 15% bonus for early participation will be calculated at the end of ROSE Farm; consequently, it won’t counted as contribution to the ROSE Farm pool
** Please allow 1 or 2 days after an activity ends to complete the transfers
Max Contribution $2,000 per user
Supply Distributed from ROSE Garden Up to 31.5M ROSE plus staking rewards
  • 10M ROSE in ROSE Farm pool (plus an additional 15% of participants’ allocation to deposit)
  • 20M ROSE in ROSE Cultivate pool (plus Oasis staking rewards)
Lock-Up Period All earned ROSE tokens are subject to a 40-day lockup period. The length of ROSE Farm and ROSE Cultivate counts towards the 40-day lockup period.
CoinList Staking Fee CoinList will be taking 10% of staking rewards earned from ROSE Cultivate. This fee will not be applied to ROSE Farm nor the ROSE tokens staked in ROSE Cultivate. This fee — often known as a commission rate — is common for validators to charge on the staking rewards of those to stake to them. CoinList's fee is competitive with other validator commission rates on the Oasis Network today.
Eligible Participants Non-US, Non-China, and Non-Canada participants in CoinList’s supported jurisdictions

Oasis Roadmap

ROSE Token Economics

ROSE is the native, capped supply utility and settlement token for the Oasis protocol. It is used for staking and delegating at Oasis’ Consensus Layer and for smart contract operations that require fees in ParaTimes. The launch circulating supply will be 1.5B tokens, and the total diluted supply is fixed at 10B tokens. Annual staking rewards annualized yields are anticipated to be between 12-15% in the first year and 2-10% over the course of the following 3 years.

Notable Supporters

Between 2018 and 2020 Oasis has raised over $45 million from backers including:

Oasis Ecosystem

The Oasis Network’s powerful, privacy-enabled design capabilities are already being put to use.

Privacy Preserving Consumer Genomics Nebula Genomics wants to differentiate their product from other competitors by giving their users control of their genetic data. Using Oasis’ framework, customers can retain ownership of their genomic data and Nebula Genomics can run analysis on the data without seeing the customer’s raw information. This product is already available to Nebula customers in Beta today.

Binance CryptoSafe Alliance Crypto theft and attacks are on the rise, and exchanges need a platform to identify and ban bad actors. Building on top of Oasis' technology, the CyprotSafe platform enables exchanges to share threat intelligence data. Because of the Oasis Network’s support for confidential compute, exchange data is kept confidential even while it's being compared.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider A Fortune 500 healthcare provider wanted to share data with external parties while retaining control of the data and protecting the confidentiality of patient data. Using Oasis technology, this leading healthcare company is able to track, trace, and control data usage when shared with third parties.

Private DeFi Ecosystem From private automated market makers, to private oracles, decentralized exchanges, and payments, the Oasis Network enables the next generation of DeFi and expands DeFi to the mass market. Applications and protocols being built on or brought to the Network include Chainlink, Wyre, Uniswap, Balancer, Stafi, Meter, Torus, and others.

Growing Ecosystem

From Private DeFi to confidential compute applications, the Oasis Network has attracted a thriving community of node operators, developers, enterprise partners, ambassadors and more.

Contributing Teams

Oasis’ team is made up of world class researchers, security and cryptography experts, and privacy advocates who all share the network's vision of building a responsible and user-owned data economy. Core contributors come from Oasis Labs, a data privacy technology company and the Oasis Foundation, an organization focused on growing the development and ecosystem surrounding the Oasis Network. Core contributors have substantial experience from leading global tech companies, financial institutions, and universities. In addition, the Network Ecosystem includes over 500 teams running and testing nodes, and building tools, applications, and ParaTimes on the Network.

Technology Behind the Oasis Network

The Oasis Network is a Layer 1 decentralized blockchain network designed to be scalable, privacy-first and versatile. The novel ParaTime Architecture separates consensus from compute, containing two main architectural components, the Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer.

The Consensus Layer is a scalable, high-throughput, secure, proof-of-stake consensus run by a decentralized set of validator nodes.

The ParaTime Layer hosts many parallel runtimes (ParaTimes), each representing a replicated compute environment with shared state.

Technology Highlights

  • Separates consensus and execution for greater scalability — the Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer — for better scalability and increased versatility and throughput up to 1,000 tps.
  • Separation of consensus and execution allows many ParaTimes to process transactions in parallel, meaning complex workloads processed on one ParaTime won’t slow down faster, simpler transactions on another.
  • The ParaTime Layer is entirely decentralized, allowing anyone to develop and build their own ParaTime. Each ParaTime can be developed separately to meet the needs of a specific application, such as confidential compute, open or closed committees, and more.
  • The network’s verifiable computing method with discrepancy detection makes Oasis ParaTime architecture particularly efficient, requiring a smaller replication factor than sharding and parachains for the same level of security.
  • The network has broad support for confidential computing technology. The Oasis Eth/WASI Runtime is an open source example of a confidential ParaTime that uses secure enclaves to keep data private while being processed.



Oasis has been covered by major press publications worldwide including feature articles in the New York Times, Wired, Coindesk, and more.

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